What are the main functions of the intelligent battery activation instrument?

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2023-04-23 11:41

The intelligent activation instrument for batteries is a product specifically designed for daily maintenance of outdated batteries. It can charge batteries with constant current or set multiple cycle cycles to charge and discharge the minimum capacity battery multiple times according to the different actual situations of outdated batteries, in order to activate the active substances that have failed the battery plates and improve the capacity of outdated batteries. Simultaneously equipped with PC application software, the collected data is uploaded to the computer for various analyses. What are the specific functions of daily battery intelligent activation devices? Let's take a look together.
1、 Activation function of single battery
In the online floating charge or offline state of the battery, individual batteries can be activated. Set the activation cycle number, single activation charging time, and protection voltage parameters before activation, and the instrument will automatically activate; And real-time display of battery voltage, charging/discharging current, charging/discharging capacity, charging/discharging time and other data; The activation process can be stopped after the preset activation cycle is completed or manually terminated.
2、 Check and discharge function of single battery
The activation instrument can perform constant current discharge on individual batteries, setting parameters such as discharge current, discharge time, discharge capacity, and termination voltage. The instrument automatically performs discharge function and displays real-time data such as discharge current, discharged battery capacity, battery voltage, and discharge time; The discharge test can be stopped when the battery reaches the preset termination discharge conditions or when the operation is manually stopped.
3、 Single battery charging function
In the online floating charging or offline state of the battery, the battery can be automatically charged. After setting parameters such as charging current, charging time, and termination voltage, the instrument will automatically perform the charging function and display real-time data such as charging current, battery charged capacity, battery voltage, and charging time. When the battery reaches the preset termination charging conditions or manual termination operation, charging can be stopped.
The intelligent battery activation instrument also has the following characteristics:
Charge discharge, activation, and curve indication functions: The activation instrument can record the voltage, current change trends, and related data of the battery during the charging, discharging, and activation processes, and has corresponding curve indication functions. The relevant data and trend curve can be displayed after each work execution, including: test battery number, battery internal resistance, total execution time, reason for stopping the test, voltage curve, current curve, etc. Display the operating results and variation curves of battery charging (discharging) and activation. During the testing process, when abnormal battery or activation device operation is detected, the activation device automatically terminates the test to protect the battery.