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Account Manager



10000 yuan/month

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of company products;
2. Based on the regional sales goals set by the company, develop a sales plan for the region, decompose the goals, and organize their implementation;
4. Develop customers in the regional market and complete the distribution network layout;
4. Develop new customers, maintain existing customers, expand business channels, and regularly visit new and existing customers in the urban area
5. Responsible for developing regional product promotion activity plans every month, and conducting post event summary and analysis of each activity;

Senior Operation Manager




job content
1. Capable of independently responsible for department product operations, including but not limited to collecting and organizing department product requirements, coordinating with product managers, following up on requirements, and tracking product performance after launch;
2. Able to establish an effective data tracking mechanism based on operational goals and product status, promote and optimize operational plans according to business development requirements, and be responsible for the implementation and execution of online product promotion activities to achieve kpi targets;
3. Continuously follow up on product performance, analyze user behavior, needs, understand competitor trends, and conduct competitive analysis;
4. Based on the current operational status, productize existing processes and optimize business efficiency.

Java technology expert/architect




There are many positions available, welcome to communicate. Java beginners, senior, experts, architects, managers, and other positions at all levels, as well as various types of businesses, have recruitment needs. The following are some examples:
Java Development Engineer - User Growth
  Job Description
1. Undertake the research and development of key high concurrency distributed systems, create a first-class user growth engine, covering user growth, deployment optimization, programmatic purchasing, user sharing and dissemination, and other directions;
2. Participate in the design of system technical solutions, core code development, and system tuning, including high-performance backend engines, massive data storage and streaming transmission, user data centers, complex business backend modules, etc;
3. Participate in various innovative optimization, specialized technology research, new technology introduction and other forward-looking projects.
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