Hunan Dali Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1994

Founded in 1994, Hunan Dali Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shaoyang Dali Power Industrial Co., Ltd.) is the enterprise that performed R&D and production of secondary battery equipment at the earliest time in China as well as one of the domestic enterprises that developed lithium battery equipment at the earliest time. The Company has engaged in production of lithium-ion battery for 24 years, and specializes in production of new energy lithium-ion power battery pole piece manufacturing equipment. It mainly produces coating machines, counter-rolling machines, slitting machines, energy-saving contact ovens and mixing systems equipment. The Company comprehensively implements ISO9000 Quality Management System, and has passed the "Environment Management System Certification" and the "Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification", and devotes itself to developing high-quality, novel and premium products. The Company is a famous new energy power lithium battery pole piece equipment manufacturer in China. Professionals and technical staff in the Company account for over 30% of all the staff. The Company has been rated as "National Hi-tech Enterprise" and SDRI (specialized, refinement, differential, and innovation) "Little Giant" Enterprise of Hunan Province.


24 years of experience in production


52,200 m2 factory land


More than 200 employees

Core Strengths

Our tenet: customers' satisfaction is our goal

R&D Center

Superior processing equipment and strong technical force

Production Process

Quality upmost, integrity based

Quality Management

Quality for survival, management for development

Technical Team

50 designers and engineering technicians


Dedicated to R&D, production and sales of lithium-ion battery pole piece manufacturing equipment



What are the main functions of the intelligent battery activation instrument?

The intelligent activation instrument for batteries is a product specifically designed for daily maintenance of outdated batteries. It can charge the batteries with constant current or set multiple cycle cycles to charge and discharge the minimum capacity battery multiple times according to the different actual situations of outdated batteries, in order to activate the active substances that cause the battery plate to fail and activate the battery



Classification of safety testing items for lithium batteries

In order to ensure the safety of lithium-ion batteries, domestic and foreign organizations have developed various safety testing standards for lithium-ion batteries. General testing standards generally classify safety testing items into the following four categories:



What comprehensive tests can the lithium battery testing system achieve for batteries?

With the continuous progress of technology, the workmanship of battery packs has also become increasingly advanced. At present, the volume energy density and capacity of lithium battery packs are becoming increasingly high, so the safety of lithium battery packs has also received widespread attention from the public.



The Importance of Battery Charging and Discharging Equipment for Battery Maintenance

The performance degradation and degradation caused by early battery decline each year result in a large number of battery scrapping, resulting in significant economic losses and serious environmental pollution.