What are the contents of power battery testing

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2023-04-23 11:43

The large-scale application of power batteries has made battery safety and reliability a top priority. Therefore, the importance of battery detection equipment that can monitor the status of lithium batteries is becoming increasingly prominent. Among them, comprehensive testing of battery packs is indispensable for ensuring the safety of electric vehicle batteries and has become an effective way for car and battery companies to achieve safety verification.
In the process of battery production, in order to ensure that the production of batteries meets safety requirements, battery companies need to conduct offline testing of battery packs before leaving the factory, including basic performance, cycling performance, and safety performance testing in three areas. What are the specific testing contents in these three fields? Let's take a look together.
1、 Basic performance testing items
This includes energy and capacity testing, power and internal resistance testing, capacity loss testing, and energy efficiency testing.
2、 Cyclic performance testing project
It includes two types: standard cycle life and actual working condition life.
3、 Safety performance testing project
Including 1. Electrical reliability: EMC, short circuit protection, overcharging protection, over discharge protection, and unbalanced charging.
2. Mechanical reliability: simulation of collision, extrusion, mechanical shock, drop, vibration and overturn.
3. Environmental reliability: external fire, frost formation, cold and hot cycling, sand layer, rain exposure, immersion, salt spray, overheating.