Functional characteristics of intelligent battery charging and discharging integrated machine

Published on:

2023-04-23 11:46

The intelligent battery charging and discharging testing equipment integrates charging, discharging, activation, and online monitoring functions, making it versatile. Reduce enterprise costs, reduce labor intensity of maintenance personnel, and provide comprehensive and scientific testing methods for battery and UPS power maintenance. I am a capable assistant in battery maintenance work.
The intelligent charging and discharging testing equipment for batteries is also a high-tech comprehensive testing equipment with battery capacity detection function. The battery can be subjected to charge and discharge tests, recording parameters such as discharge voltage, discharge current, discharge time, discharge capacity, and battery temperature. So what are his specific functions?
1. It has multiple working modes: constant current discharge, constant power discharge, constant current charging, constant voltage current limiting charging, trickle float charging, etc.
2. Multiple safety protection functions: overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, high temperature protection, polarity reversal and other protection functions;
3. Equipped with multiple alarm functions: In case of abnormal problems during use, such as high voltage, undervoltage, current exceeding the measurement range, fan failure, etc., real-time warning can be issued and discharge can be stopped without damaging the instrument and related detection equipment.
4. Charging and discharging parameter preset function: Equipped with multiple commonly used charging and discharging templates to meet the parameter settings of different types of batteries. The template data can be saved when powered off, and can be directly started testing when powered on. There is no need to frequently set parameters, making testing operations simple and efficient.
5. Professional software: capable of simultaneously displaying voltage, current curves, single battery curve data tables, etc. It can automatically generate Excel document format, and can print and generate test data reports.
6. It has powerful storage function: the name can be customized when storing record files; The maximum number of recorded data rows is 1 million sets.
7. Self calibration function: The instrument has a voltage and current calibration and correction function, which can calibrate and correct the measured values to ensure measurement accuracy. This function is particularly suitable for use when there is a requirement for consistency between instrument readings and on-site instruments.